Monday, February 21, 2005


Listen to the Music!

It's all about the music and making your audience listen to it longer on your station. This week, we focus on some ideas to help you do just that. For more ideas to help in the spring book, visit As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Playlist Bingo
- Have game cards available at client locations, on the website, with the street team, etc. Set them up just like a Bingo card, expect use popular songs instead of numbers and letters. When a listener hears three songs played in a row from their card, they simply call the studio lines to win free cash and/or prizes.

Win It Before You Can Download It Weekend - Beat them to the punch by giving your listeners the new music, even before it's online. Great topical weekend.

Musical Quickie
- Play a 2-second hook (MP3) from a song and ask listeners to email or register online and identify the artist and title to win free prizes daily, weekly and/or monthly.

Create A Fan Site - Create a station tribute site or a section on your website for a popular band and/or artist on your playlist. This may include workparts for your listeners to add to their fan sites complete with, "as heard on WXXX"

On The Street
CD of the Week
- Work with the record companies and/or the local music retailer to build a spot that features a new CD that's being released that week. The spot may include samples of the music, interview clips from the artist, retail discounts and more. You can also do a cross-promote on the website with graphics and links to increase the exposure.

Artist Petting Zoo - Have life-size stand ups of the brand name artists on your station and have them appear at station events, appearances, etc. Invite listeners to view the musical instruments they may play...and try them out. Have local musicians or representatives from a music store on hand to demonstrate how each instrument works...then let participants take a turn and play (or pet) their favorite artists instrument(s).

Win Your Height In CD'S OR DVD'S - The Grand Prize is a CD or DVD library equal to a consumers height Example: 200 CD's for 6 foot person, etc. This contest can work for many different promotions. A few examples would be: Register your height at a designated location(s) to win. Enter through a website. A Grand Prize for a Free Music Weekend. You could also give the contest a twist and have consumers guess the height of a personality or celebrity to win their height in CD's or DVD's.

Find more ideas by typing in "music" in the search engine. features a custom search engine with thousand do-it-yourself idea starters along with other resources for radio professionals, and any company who may use the medium to advertise or promote their services. - Ideas Worth Listening To!

Everything is tentative as dates could change. ALL of this was compiled and written by Zack Skyler.

February 21st *Kelsey Grammer's BDay. (2/21/55) *CNN Headline News channel debuts "Showbiz Tonight" hosted by AJ Hammer and Karen Bryant. *CNN Headline News will also premiere "Nancy Grace" hosted by...uh, Nancy Grace.

February 22nd *ABC airs a "One Day At A Time" reunion. *Finale of the latest "Real World" on MTV. *Music releases due include-Los Lonely Boys "Live At The Fillmore," Tori Amos "The Beekeeper," Omarion's "O," Frankie J.'s "The One" and Baby's "Fast Money."

February 23rd *Finale of Bravo's "Project Runway."

February 24th *MTV airs "Jennifer Lopez: Beyond The Runway." *FOX airs the tv special "Stars Without Makeup."

February 25th *Movie releases due include-"Cursed" starring Christina Ricci and "Man Of The House" starring Tommy Lee Jones.

February 26th *Spike TV debuts "Carpocalypse" and "Boom!"

February 27th *The Oscars! The Academy Awards air hosted by Chris Rock. *Finale of VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club." *Finale of HBO's "Unscripted" starring Krista Allen.
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