Sunday, February 27, 2005 - Ideas Worth Listening To!

Giving Back

All great stations give back to their community, but you have to make sure that the charity events and ideas really mean something to your listener, and it doesn't become "just" a personal mission from a staff member. This week, we're featuring some charity ideas to help raise the bar on your community service. As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Morning Show DVD - Make a documentary film about your morning show complete with behind the scenes footage, the stunt person footage, celebrity encounters and more. Sell it online or through a local client and have proceeds benefit a local charity chosen by the show.


Community Page - Provide a page on your web site that lists community activities like parades, festivals, fundraisers, etc. Include events and sponsorships that the station is involved with to add credibility to your community image.

On The Street

Ugliest Bartender
- Simply place collection jars in every bar in your town (or the ones who buy a sponsorship) asking consumers to help (station) find the (cities) "Ugliest Bartender." "If you would like to vote for the bartender you are looking at right now, please put some change in the jar." All money received benefits a local charity.

Fairy Tale Sampler - Your personalities along with local, regional and national celebrities record short childrens bedtime stories for a "Fairy Tale" sampler. Have the best stories pressed on cassette, CD or CD-ROM and sell them to benefit a local children's charity. Clients may participate by: being a distribution center, providing reading materials (Example: all stories provided by Borders), couponing in the CD jacket, etc. Another idea would be to hold an on-air, website or client registration promotion to find the best original bedtime story submitted by a listener to be used on the sampler.

Change For Good - Your "Change For Good" program is simple. Just set-up collection bins at various locations and encourage people to give you their pocket change for charity. A great partner is a mall who can donate the change thrown into their fountains.

Movie Stars - Approach a local movie theater chain and get permission to use your morning show as the trailer prior to the movie that instructs movie goers about the no smoking/keep quiet type policies. You could also partner with a charity to collect money prior to the movie (the trailer is your personality pitching the cause). Provide the theater with music tapes to play inside and some ticket give-aways.

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Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
March 1st
*Finale of ABC's "NYPD Blue" starring Dennis Franz. *Season premiere of "Nashville Star" hosted by Leann Rimes this season on USA Network. Poison's Bret Michaels will be a judge this season. *Finale of "Celebrity Poker Showdown" on Bravo. *Season premiere of "The Amazing Race" on CBS. *Music releases due include-Jennifer Lopez's "Rebirth," System Of A Down's "Hypnotize," American Hi-Fi's "Hearts On Parade," Rob Halford and Judas Priest's "Angel Of Retribution," Amos Lee's "Amos Lee" and Jessi Alexander's "Honeysuckle Sweet." *Books due include-Ari Fleischer's "Taking Heat: The President, The Press and My Years In The White House." *Season one of "The Brady Bunch" comes to dvd. *Books due include-Lauren Bacall's memoir "By Myself And Then Some." *Videos/DVDs due include-"The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" starring Tom Kenny. *Disney's "Bambi" is due on dvd.
March 2nd
*Season premiere of UPN's "America's Next Top Model." *Finale of "The Road To Stardom" on UPN.
March 3rd
*NBC debuts "Law & Order: Trial By Jury" starring Bebe Neuwirth. *MTV's season premiere of P. Diddy's "Making The Band." *Bravo debuts "Celebrity Pool." *Season premiere of Penn & Teller's "Bulls***" on Showtime. *HGTV debuts "reDesign" hosted by Kenneth Brown.
March 4th
*Season finale of USA Network's "Monk." *Movie releases due include-"Be Cool" starring John Travolta and "The Pacifier" starring Vin Diesel.
March 5th
*Showtime airs an Usher concert. March 6th *Martha Stewart is released from Camp Cupcake. *Season finale of VH1's "The Surreal Life." *The WB debuts "The Starlet" with Faye Dunaway. *Season premiere of A&E's "Intervention." *Season premiere of MTV's "Punk'd." *Season premiere of HBO's "Deadwood."

Blogger, I just started a new blog called Ugly Blog, so I've been looking around for ugliest related blogs. Anyway, I found this entry ( - Ideas Worth Listening To!) during my search so I thought I'd make a quick post to let you know! I'd be happy to trade links if you're interested. Have a great day - Eric
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