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As you know, a radio station gears up for two really big times each year, the fall and spring books. The spring is so important because we want to win big in the ratings game so the sales team may maximize revenues for pretty much the rest of the year. With so much riding on a ratings story, we offer some of our ideas to help guarantee a better then usual spring. This is also a great start for any company who utilizes radio in their spring marketing plans. As always, your ideas are welcome, email:

10 in a row or $10,000
Station promises to play 10 songs in a row every hour (or during a specific hour) - if the station does not play 10 songs in a row, caller (x) wins $10,000 cash!

Automated Teller
Give away station ATM cards that activate the machines to a specified number (frequency) of listeners. All station ATM card winners will be invited to a Grand Prize event where each may try their card on your winning ATM machine. Each card is worth a different cash prize and/or have one card worth a big prize jackpot ($10,000). You can also pick up all the finalists in an armored car to chaffeur them to the event.

Bahama Mama
Simply write, e-mail, fax or register on line and tell us in frequency words or less why your mom is the "Greatest Mom in the World." The best story (selected by the judges) will win a trip to the Bahamas for their mom.

Big Money Party
Listeners win their way in to a party hosted by your station to win their share of prizes that equal $100,000 (or other amount)! Everyone who wins passes to the party is guaranteed a prize, and the only way in is to listen to your station. Have big prizes and small to equal the $100,000. Great event to get the sales departments help and offer great sponsorship packages.

The correct caller will try to collect as much cash as possible before the club bouncer, bounces them out of the party. Start the game with a sound effect of a club bouncer voice which announces increasing dollar amounts every few seconds (or a personality). Start with $20 or $100 and move up from there (whatever your budget allows). You can have different dollar amounts announced each time you play and make sure the "bouncer" kicks players out at differnet intervals each round. If the bouncer kicks them out (sounder) before the listener says, "STOP", they lose the money and win a smaller prize. If they say, "STOP" before If they say stop before getting "bounced," they win the last cash amount announced.

Cash, Cars and Stars
Use a sounder or song to award cash to the winning caller/participant (at least $100). The person who wins the cash is then read a list of five hot cars and they choose the one they would like most. You also ask the person what celebrity they would like to deliver the car if they win the Grand Prize (enter their choices in the final drawing). If the star chosen is not available to the Grand Prize winner, offer extra cash in the glove compartment. OR...have a list of celebrities (lined up prior to the promotion start) who are available that each winner can pick from.

Here's a couple of fun ideas for the Morning Show.
Jump Him or Dump Him
Male listener has 30 seconds to describe himself for potential dates.

Two Song Challenge
The two songs have something in common (play them back to back) listeners call in and guess.

Little Theatre
Have children act out the parts of a popular movie or TV show, listeners guess what movie.

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