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We live in a download society and with the success of I-Pod's and other MP3 devices, it's only growing larger and larger every week. There's a statitic that MP3 player sales will grow by almost 40% this year! We believe it's a great opportunity for radio to embrace this trend and use it to build even stronger relationships with our listeners, who are already addicted to the downloads and would like some personality to come along with it (this is where radio comes in). We offer some of our download ideas to get you started below. As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome.

Win It Before You Can Download It - Listeners call in all day or all weekend before a release from one of your artists to win a copy of the CD before you can download it via Napster, I-Tunes, etc. and before it goes on sale in the music stores and sites.

Download or Delete It - A new name for make it or break it. Simply have a new song featured on the station at a designated time each day and listeners can call in, email or text message their vote on whether the station should play it by putting it on the hard drive or deleting it and sending it to the trash.

Daily Downloads - Every afternoon or night at a designated time, you simply countdown the most downloaded songs in your city. Z104 in Washington, DC created this one and calls it, DC Downloads.

Shuffle - The station has stored four (4) songs (less or more) in it's new I-Pod and a listener can win it (or another prize) by simply picking which song they think will play when the I-Pod shuffles the tunes each time. If the song they chose plays, they win.

Morning Podcast - Have your morning show make all their interviews, bits, stunts, etc. available as a daily podcast and downloadable on your website (or a site like ipodder). Include an appointment for the next day which may include a tease of another interview, a contest or a time for a funny bit so you can ensure they will keep coming back for more.

Afternoon Podcast - Have a station daily podcast that features morning show/celebrity/artist interviews, the weather from your meterologist, celebrity news, bits, stunts and more. Make it available each day for listeners to download through your website (or a site like ipodder) before they leave the office for the commute home, via car, transit, etc.

Station Podcast Components - Offer podcasters in your audience some help on your website. Have a station podcasters kit that may include imaging with intros of songs and artists, generic interviews that may be used by the podcaster where they simply insert their voice for the questions, a chance to have custom voice work done by a personality and more. The only catch is thr components also have a station ID, or they agree to run a station promo for listening during their podcast in exchange for the items.

On The Street
Station Podcast
- Make it available for download at all station events and appearances. Simply take along a laptop and I-Pod or MP3 users can bring their gear and have it downloaded on the spot.

For more download ideas use the keywords, "download" and "music." is the Radio Ideation Company™ Since 1997 continues to be the only interactive community offering promotion, marketing and sales resources for radio idea people and any company who may use the medium to advertise their brands through its tactics and effectiveness in reaching consumers. Our hope is the ideas will help businesses and individuals prosper, grow and spark their own creativity to ignite a concept that will bust through the clutter of every day and get people talking. The greatest compliment you continue to give us is your referral to co-workers and friends. idea network *coming soon A weekly program delivered directly to anyone who works in the medium or uses it to advertise their brands and opts-in to download the program for listening through their desktop or laptop computer to full mobility using either an I-Pod or MP3 player (i.e. Podcasting). You can listen anywhere you desire, at home, at work or in the car, and on your own time. L.I.N. is an in-depth resource hosted by founder, Sammy Simpson with creative thinking from an experienced group of radio decision makers and idea specialists who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of what makes radio sound best! The show will feature award winning, proven radio ideas, tactics and best practices in their own words that you can use to create excitement, add more exposure, increase visibility and provide more buzz. Download a sample now

Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
March 7th *Showtime debuts "Fat Actress" starring Kirstie Alley. *ABC debuts "Boss Swap." *NBC debuts "The Contender" with Sly Stallone & Sugar Ray Leonard.

March 8th *Jeb Bush gives the State of the State address for Florida. *ABC debuts "Blind Justice" starring Ron Eldard & Rena Sofer. *PAX TV airs a "Cold Turkey Reunion" tv special with AJ Benza. *PAX TV debuts "Lie Detector." *Music releases due include-Usher's "Caught Up," Gruff Ryhys, 50 Cent's "The Massacre," The Dan Band, Black Label Society's "Mafia" and The Kills. *Books due include-Mike Walker's "Rather Dumb: A Top Tabloid Reporter Tells CBS How To Do News."

March 9th *Season premiere of Comedy Central's "South Park."

March 10th *MTV debuts "Power Girls" starring Lizzie Grubman. *Comedy Central debuts "The Hollow Men." *Season finale of ESPN's "Tilt."

March 11th *FOX's "Cops" premiered on this date in 1989. *The Muppets US Postage Stamps due today. *Movie releases due include-"Hostage" starring Bruce Willis, Robots" starring Robin Williams, "A Sound Of Thunder" starring Ed Burns, "The Upside Of Anger" starring Kevin Costner and "The Honeymooners" starring Cedric The Entertainer. Also, "The Passion Recut" starring James Caviezel.

March 12th *Finale of "Wickedly Perfect" on CBS. March 13th *ABC debuts "Jake In Progress" starring John Stamos. *FOX debuts "Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show."
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