Sunday, March 20, 2005


Spring is a time to start new again and many of our listeners are looking for just the thing to do this one. From small, helpful items to life altering experiences, we can give them something to make this spring something they will remember for many seasons to come. We offer some of our ideas below, hoepfully one of these will spark your creativity to put an even better improvement spin on it for your station. As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Get A Life - Have consumers write, fax, e-mail or register at a designated location for a chance to win their own business (or have them write a small business plan to win). The best plan receives a Small Business Grant that includes: 1-year of legal and accounting advise, Federal Express gift certificate, office furniture, computer, cash, business license, gift certificate to office supply store, etc. Keep track of the business throughout the year on air or on your website.

New You - Give listeners a chance to win the ultimate makeover package that may include: plastic surgery to change their appearance, lazer eye surgery to correct their vision, lazer hair treatment to remove any unwanted hair, a gym membership with personal trainer and more. This is a great idea to generate some major buzz and publicity for your station and it ties in local clients to be involved in a unique giveaway. Be sure to get the legal team to approve all aspects of this one and have the release forms ready.

Spring Cleaning - Giveaway services that can help your listeners with spring cleaning: maid/house cleaning services, dry cleaning service, Car washes, lawn care, pool care and more. Any product or service that may help your listeners this spring.

New You Guide/Win
- Feature area/registration on the website with listing and "New You" procedures for local clients like: lazer hair removal, lazer eye surgery, gyms, tanning salons, etc. Any business that can make someine better. Listeners/users can regsiter to win one of the varioous procedures.

Dream Room Giveaway - In honor of the hot show, "Trading Spaces." Have listeners send in pictures of a room in their house they would like to have made-over. Clients/sponsors can supply goods and services.

Ugliest Office In (Your Town) - Ask your listeners to assist you and a client (furniture store, office supply, etc.) to find the ugliest office in your town. Entrants will be invited to submit a photo of the office (or an office of a friend) by mail, e-mail or dropping it at the client location. Photos will be displayed on the station website and at the client location. The ugliest office will be determined by listener votes (from the website and client location) and by a panel of judges. The ugliest office winner will receive $10,000 in new office furniture and a visit from the morning show to help in the transformation.

On The Street
Commercial Appeal
- Hold auditions at a client location(s) for a listener(s) to be featured in the clients new TV or radio commercial, newspaper ad, website, etc. Give the event a "Star Search" feel to help make one of your listeners a local celebrity.
For more ideas, go to the Radio Ideation Company™ Since 1997 continues to be the only interactive community offering promotion, marketing and sales resources for radio idea people and any company who may use the medium to advertise their brands through its tactics and effectiveness in reaching consumers. Our hope is the ideas will help businesses and individuals prosper, grow and spark their own creativity to ignite a concept that will bust through the clutter of every day and get people talking. The greatest compliment you continue to give us is your referral to co-workers and friends. idea network *coming soon A weekly program delivered directly to anyone who works in the medium or uses it to advertise their brands and opts-in to download the program for listening through their desktop or laptop computer to full mobility using either an I-Pod or MP3 player (i.e. Podcasting). You can listen anywhere you desire, at home, at work or in the car, and on your own time. L.I.N. is an in-depth resource hosted by founder, Sammy Simpson with creative thinking from an experienced group of radio decision makers and idea specialists who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of what makes radio sound best! The show will feature award winning, proven radio ideas, tactics and best practices in their own words that you can use to create excitement, add more exposure, increase visibility and provide more buzz.

Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
March 21st
*"A Current Affair" Hosted by Tim Green debuts *Season finale of ABC's "SuperNanny." *ABC Family debuts "Las Vegas Garden Of Love." *MTV airs the finale of "The Osbournes."

March 22nd *Music releases due include-Alicia Keys "Unplugged," Ozzy's box set collection "The Prince Of Darkness" (formerly titled "Bible Of Ozz"), Moby's "Hotel," Billy Idol's "Devil's Playground" and Queens Of The Stone Age's "Lullabies To Paralyze." *Books due include-Ian McEwan's "Saturday" and Phil Mickelson's "One Magical Sunday." *Videos/DVDs due include-"Fat Albert" starring Kenan Thompson. *Season one of MTV's "Pimp My Ride" is due on dvd.

March 23rd *FOX debuts "Life On A Stick" starring Matthew Glave. *TV Land debuts "Chasing Farrah" starring Farrah Fawcett.

March 24th *NBC debuts "The Office" starring Steve Carell.

March 25th *Season finale of "Stargate SG-1" starring Richard Dean Anderson. *USA Network debuts "Kojak" starring Ving Rhames. *Movies due include-"Sahara" starring Matthew McConaughey & Penelope Cruz and "Guess Who" starring Bernie Mac.

March 26th *ABC debuts "Little House On The Prarie" starring Cameron Bancroft.

March 27th *ABC debuts "Grey's Anatomy" starring Patrick Dempsey. *Season finale of "Strange Love" on VH1 with Flava & Bridgitte. *ESPN's "Dream Job 3" finale.

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