Sunday, March 13, 2005 - Ideas Worth Listening To!

Pay It Forward

There are no new ideas, just old ones with a current spin. We see it everyday at where our network of over 7,000 members from around the world share ideas through the website. This week, we're sharing some of the recent ideas to make it on the Idea Message Board. Hoepfully one of these will spark your creativity to put an even better spin on it for your station. As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Entertainment/Artist Promoter to give away SCION. BUT HOW?? Try something like a "pimp my ride". Have listener's email pictures to you. Take the top 5 cars that look the worst then put them on your website for listener's to vote the car that needs to be pimped. They win the SCION.
Try running a battle of the pizza's. this promotion is easy, effective and easy for the client to track. have your morning show design a pizza with there choice of topping and do the same for your afternoon drive and have the pizza place sell them for what ever you calls are for example when we did it you got a medium pizza for $10.20 because are calls were 102Fm. Have the client keep track of the number of pizzas sold for each day part and the winner at the end of the 2-3 week period gets 25 qualifiers on are to joing that day part host at the clients location for a free pizza party

If you want to get a little out of the box, try adapting part of the promotion to a computer compamy to offer Spring "Spyware" Cleaning on all PC'S

Garden Centre. Try doing a back yard make over where people send in photo's of an ugly back yard after diciding on the winner your promotions team designs it and your jocks build it. Great way to put your logo up somewhere for a weekend and you could even put your logo up forever if done with rocks or flowers hope this helps

On The Street
In belgium every year we organize several sing-a-long concerts. A live band is playing the most populair songs of which people know the lyrics very well. Akind of autocue also shows the lyrics to the audience.Ppeople come to the coast and sing a long with the live band.

We are currently do a Guitar Toss. The store is having a blow out after NAMM sale and we are going to throw a special guitar for additional discounts. So to break it down each person will throw thsi special guitar. The distance in feet will determing the additional discount to be taken off the sale price. We also have a few guitar amp packages that we will be giving away at the event that will include a live broadcast. We will have celebrities there to sign autogrhaphs and take pictures. Let me know what you did, Maybe I can add the elements to the event.

Something new and different, that would work at a wing place, every Thursday night. A themed event.....the last event went on for 12 weeks, called Wingo. It was bingo with a wing, with cards made up with the restaurants logo, and we announced the numbers. Everyone would win something, and there would be a grandprize each night. Need something different, that would encourage more people to hang around the bar.

For more ideas, go to and check out the Idea Message Board. is the Radio Ideation Company™ Since 1997 continues to be the only interactive community offering promotion, marketing and sales resources for radio idea people and any company who may use the medium to advertise their brands through its tactics and effectiveness in reaching consumers. Our hope is the ideas will help businesses and individuals prosper, grow and spark their own creativity to ignite a concept that will bust through the clutter of every day and get people talking. The greatest compliment you continue to give us is your referral to co-workers and friends. idea network *coming soon A weekly program delivered directly to anyone who works in the medium or uses it to advertise their brands and opts-in to download the program for listening through their desktop or laptop computer to full mobility using either an I-Pod or MP3 player (i.e. Podcasting). You can listen anywhere you desire, at home, at work or in the car, and on your own time. L.I.N. is an in-depth resource hosted by founder, Sammy Simpson with creative thinking from an experienced group of radio decision makers and idea specialists who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of what makes radio sound best! The show will feature award winning, proven radio ideas, tactics and best practices in their own words that you can use to create excitement, add more exposure, increase visibility and provide more buzz. Download a sample now

Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
March 14th
*R&R Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. U2 and The Pretenders among those being inducted. *Oxygen debuts the tv series "Mr. Romance."

March 15th *Season premiere of FX's "The Shield" starring Michael Chiklis. *Season premiere of Bravo's "Project Greenlight." *Season premiere of PAX TV's "Cold Turkey" with AJ Benza. *Music releases due include-Eagles "Eagles Box" and Ellie Lawson's "The Philosophy Tree." *Videos/DVDs due include-"The Incredibles" starring Craig T. Nelson. *Books due include-Kurt Eichenwald's "Conspiracy of Fools." *Season one of "Hogan's Heroes" is due on dvd.

March 16th *TV Land Awards air.

March 17th *ABC debuts "Jake In Progress" starring John Stamos. *E! debuts "Celebrity Poker Night."

March 18th *Season premiere of Showtime's "Family Business" starring Seymore Butts. *Movie releases due include-"The Ring 2" starring Naomi Watts and "Miss Congeniality 2" starring Sandra Bullock.

March 19th *Oprah gets inducted into the NAACP Hall Of Fame. *Bruce Willis celebrates a birthday. (3/19/55)

March 20th *The Jeff Foxworthy Roast airs on Comedy Central. *VH1's season finale of "The Surreal Life."

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