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The second master we serve in radio are clients (first are listeners) and they keep us busy with those famous two words, "added-value." However, a few years back we also realized that in order to make the revenue numbers we would have to sell more than just commercials to those clients, so NTR and New Business Departments were created in radio divisions. This week we're giving you some ideas for them. Maybe if one sells big, you can carve out a nice bonus for yourself :> As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Big Money Party
- Listeners win their way in to a party hosted by your station to win their share of prizes that equal $100,000 (or other amount)! Everyone who wins passes to the party is guaranteed a prize, and the only way in is to listen to your station. Have big prizes and small to equal the $100,000. Great event to get the sales departments help and offer great sponsorship packages.

10 Grand in 10 Hours - Listeners are qualified to win a $10,000 shopping spree (or other amount) with on-air giveaways that may include $100 cash or $100 gift certificate to a local mall. On the final day of the contest, a grand prize winner is chosen from all the qualifiers and the station surprises them with a limo picking them up at home or work and awarding them $10,000 in cash and a ride to the participating mall. Of course there is a catch... the winner has to spend all $10,000.00 that day by a designated time and they cannot spend more than your frequency (Example $104) in each store! And if they don't spend it, they get nothing!

International Diner - Fax, e-mail, call-in or register at a client location to win the "International Diner" prize. Each week a winner will be drawn and awarded lunch for (x) from any place in the world. The food is overnighted to the winner(s) from their chosen destination. Example: Lobster from Maine, authenic Italian from Italy, etc. Another fun twist is to overnight the winner to congratulate them on winning. Great tie-ins include delivery companies, restaurants with locations in different cities and/or countries, airlines, etc.

Bet Your Butt - Two trivia questions. The first one is easy and good for a Round Roast of meat. After the person answers the question, tell them they can keep the Round Roast or "Bet Their Butt" for a bigger prize. If they answer the second question they win tickets, cash, CD(s), etc.

Hot Zips
- Allow listeners/users to select (or type in) their zip code to find hot things to do in their area. Movie listings, nightclubs/bars, restaurants, retailers, etc. can be featured by zip code. Great website package for sales.

Source Book/Link - Compile a (frequency) pages information and entertainment directory of your area as an added-value to clients. This also makes a great website feature.

On The Street
Parking Lot Picnics - Fax, write, e-mail or register for a chance to win a lunch at your workplace for the entire staff or the amount of people in your frequency Example: Lunch for 99. A winner is randomly selected each week (we recommend Thursday) from all entries and awarded the "Parking Lot Picnic" that will take place at their workplace (in the parking lot or conference room) on the following Friday. A great workplace marketing promotion - take the staff along to hand out prizes or play games. Client tie-ins include pizza, rib places, BBQ, etc. - the goal is to find a partner that can provide lunch for a 100. Also consider your local grocery who can sell this to their vendors to underwrite the cost - categories for them include hot dogs, condiments, meats, etc. And don't forget your soft drink, water and/or juice clients too.

Cellular Scramble - Each week for a four week promotional period, post a different, imaginary seven digit telephone number on an easel sign at all retail location(s). Utilizing the corresponding letters on the key pad, store patrons must decipher the seven letter word or mystery message represented by the numbers. For example, 244-7253 spells "big sale" and 874-8674 spells "Triumph", a classic rock band. You can either have listeners call in with the answer after you prompt them on the air, or you can have them add the mystery word or phrase to an entry form at the retailer in order to be eligible for the prize.

Ceiling Fans - Your "Ceiling Fans" sit together in the nose bleed seats during a sporting event. Work with the local and/or regional team to secure tickets to a section in the upper levels that can be hosted by your morning show. At the game, bring confetti, noise makers and lots of rowdy things to make the Ceiling Fans section the talk of the arena. You can also tie-in a client and produce "beenie" hats with both logos to award all winners.

Backyard BBQ - Register on-air, through your website, or at a designated location(s) to win a "Backyard Barbeque" on a designated date complete with: a new gas grill, enough food to feed 100 (or frequency) people, entertainemnt, prizes, etc.

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Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
March 28th
*ABC premieres another edition of "The Bachelor." *MTV debuts "Trippin'" starring Cameron Diaz.

March 29th *William Shatner's "Invasion Iowa" debuts on Spike TV. *Music releases due include-Beck's "Guero," Will Smith's "Lost & Found," Aslyn's "Lemon Love" and Billy Dean's "Let Them Be Little." *Books due include-Charles Barkley's "Who's Afraid Of A Large Black Man." *Season one of "Murder, She Wrote" is due on dvd.

March 30th *ABC debuts "Eyes" starring Tim Daly. *Season finales of both "Newlyweds" and "The Ashlee Simpson Show" on MTV. *Movie releases due include-"Beauty Shop" starring Queen Latifah.

April 1st *Season finale of "Battlestar Galactica." *Movie releases due include-"Sin City" starring Bruce Willis and "The Upside Of Anger" starring Kevin Costner.

April 2nd *Ben Stiller hosts Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. *NCAA Final Four begins.

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