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Events Are Us!

The summer is filled with festivals, fairs, charity events, concerts and more and of course you want to have visibility at every single one. This week we focus on events and feature some ideas on how your station can not only be seen but remembered after the draft beer buzz and farmers tan goes away. As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Concert/Festival VIP
- When giving away tickets for a big concert, festival or fair event, qualify everyone to win your "VIP" package that includes: a parking pass for the venue or valet parking there, VIP tickets and (for outdoor shows and/or festivals) throw in a Port-a-John (with your logo on it) for the exclusive use of the winner and their guests.

Ceiling Fans - Your "Ceiling Fans" sit together in the nose bleed seats during a sporting event, like baseball or soccer. Work with the local and/or regional team to secure tickets to a section in the upper levels that can be hosted by your morning show. At the game, bring confetti, noise makers and lots of rowdy things to make the Ceiling Fans section the talk of the arena. You can also tie-in a client and produce "beenie" hats with both logos to award all winners.

Concert Tickets - Create a 5 1/2" by 2" station concert ticket that can be handed out to any consumer attending a local and/or regional concert, festival, fair, etc. The ticket front includes: your logo and a number (individual number on each ticket) along with copy that may say, "(x) lucky people from this event will win $1,000 this Monday (tomorrow) at 7:20am with (your morning show). The back includes the same copy and a reminder to "Keep this ticket to win because only people who received this ticket at the event are eligibile to win!" Announce the pre-determined numbers with the morning show and award cash and/or other prizes to anyone who calls the studio line with the winning number(s).

Community Page - Provide a page on your site that lists community activities like parades, festivals, fundraisers, etc. Include events and sponsorships that the station is involved with to add credibility to your community image.

What's Hot This Weekend - Feature a page on your site with all the hot attractions in your town for the weekend. Concerts, festivals, yard sales, movie openings, etc.

On The Street
WXXX Taste Test - Set up a booth or table at a high traffic location (mall, festival, faie, etc.) and invite consumers to sample your station and a competitor station. Use the same concept as soft drinks do with taste testing. Have a comment card for each person to choose which station they like best along with any comments they have as to why they like it.

Sampling Squad - A client is looking to put their samples into the hands of consumers in your city. The WXXX Sampling Squad is present at all festivals, fairs and major events handing out free client samples. You can offer packages for exclusive sampling or shared items.

Homemade T-Shirt Contest - Consumers/listeners can win prizes by showing up at a concert, festival, fair, etc. wearing a homemade t-shirt that includes your logo, slogan, phrase the pays, etc. Have mystery spotters throughout the event with free cash and prizes for the best looking and/or most creative ones.

Kid's Corner - Set up a co-sponsored "Kid's Corner" at local fairs, concerts, festivals, etc. for families to use as a free retreat Parents can bring children to have their face painted, watch videos, be entertained by clowns, receive free samples, etc.

For more ideas, go to the Radio Ideation Company™ Since 1997 continues to be the only interactive community offering promotion, marketing and sales resources for radio idea people and any company who may use the medium to advertise their brands through its tactics and effectiveness in reaching consumers. Our hope is the ideas will help businesses and individuals prosper, grow and spark their own creativity to ignite a concept that will bust through the clutter of every day and get people talking. The greatest compliment you continue to give us is your referral to co-workers and friends.

Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
April 25th *FOX debuts "Marriage 911." *Oxygen debuts "Making It Big." *MTV launches MTV Overdrive via

April 26th *Season finale of ABC's "Rodney" starring Rodney Carrington. *Season finale of NBC's "The Office" starring Steve Carell. *Season finale of USA Network's "Nashville Star" Hosted by Leann Rimes. *Music releases due include-Bruce Springsteen's "Devils & Dust," Amerie's "Touch" and Ben Folds "Songs For Silverman." *Season one of "Highway To Heaven" is due on dvd.

April 27th *ABC airs the tv special "Lost: The Journey."

April 28th *The WB debuts "The Ron White Show" starring Ron White and "Mobile Home Disaster" with Bill Engvall.

April 29th *Jerry Seinfeld's BDay. (4/29/54) *CBS airs the tv series finale of "Jag" starring David James Elliott. (FYI-David James Elliott has a tv pilot in the works for ABC) *Movie releases due include-"XXX: State Of The Union" starring Ice Cube.

May 1st *Season premiere of FOX's "Family Guy" starring Seth MacFarlane. *The time slot premiere of FOX's "American Dad."

May 2nd *It's National Freaks Day! *ABC airs the season finale of "SuperNanny" starring Jo Frost. *Bravo debuts "Million Dollar Recipe."
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