Sunday, April 10, 2005


Hot Spot!

The infamous bar or club gig keeps most stations busy every weekend and bring a nice chunk of local cash to the station. It does get tiresome at times to keep these on-going appearances fresh, so this week we focus on them and offer some new ideas that will make your station night a hot spot for a few more weeks or months. As always, your feedback and ideas are always welcome. Email:

Be A Bartender
- Give away a Grand Prize to be a guest bartender in a client bar or nightclub. The winner receives free admission for up to 25 (more or less) friends, a station/bar branded staff shirt, a copy of "Cocktail" on video, etc. Great at-work promotion > one person in the office wins and all co-workers get in free. Use this for a client bar or nightclub on a traditionally slow night.

Party Like A Rock Star - A lucky guy scores an ultimate rock & roll adventure, complete with a limo (stocked with cans of domestic beer and tequila), and the beautiful women to accompany him and his guest for an evening. First stop, a massage parlor to rub out that hangover. Next stop, a run through a fast food drive thru. Then, off to a cool place to act like a rock star, like great seats at a sporting event, or to a concert to hang out backstage your station. Finally, a late-night visit at a tattoo parlor for a complimentary tattoo, and a stop at a gentlemen's club on the way home.

On The Street
Bar/Pub Quiz - You simply bring your team with you (up to 10 people) and a "Quiz Master" asks questions that each team must answer. Questions deal with movies, music, anything. The rounds feature about 20 questions and each team writes down the answers and turns them in to be checked. Points are awarded for each right answer. The team who has the highest score after several rounds (or at the end of the night) wins free prizes (or a keg as they do in London).

Brew University - Give your listeners a chance to "graduate" from WXXX's "Brew U," a mythical college where beer drinking is the official curriculum. Stage "commencement exercises" weekly at area bars and pubs, and create a special "Brew U" logo which can be printed on commemorative cups, t-shirts, coasters, etc. Add the words "Honors Graduate," and people will fight to reuse the cups for their pool parties next summer. With graduation robes for bartenders and station personalities, and official diplomas mailed to anyone who registers for one, WXXX's "Brew U" could become a sustaining promotion for your beer sponsor, the club, and your station. And all your listeners have to do to graduate, is purchase the sponsor's beer product. Note: the cup and diploma are essentially "gifts with purchase" so no lottery laws are in effect. However, check with local alcoholic beverage codes before launching this one in your market. If you find this promotion running out of steam after a few weeks, hold a contest to compose the "Brew U" school song, take nominations for a mascot, add honorary doctorates for repeat customers or favorite bartenders, and above all--a cheerleading squad!

Ugliest Bartender - Simply place collection jars in every bar in your town asking consumers to help (station) find the (cities) "Ugliest Bartender." "If you would like to vote for the bartender you are looking at right now, please put some change in the jar." All money received benefits (x) charity. **A great promo item. Create cardboard coasters that feature your logo on one side and have the other side include name and phone number input lines. Give them to client bars and hot spots around town.

Street Games (Some games to play at your appearances)
Frozen T-Shirt Contest
- Take 5 to 10 t-shirts, soak them in water, fold them into a small square and place them in a freezer for a couple of hours before the start of the contest. When your contest starts, give each participant a frozen t-shirt square and award prizes to the first person who can unfold the t-shirt and put it on.

Make Your Own Tattoo - Sell or give players in the contest a sharpie marker and have them (or a friend) draw a tattoo on a part of their body. Have the players take turns showing off their tattoo and have the crord (or selected judges) pick the best one.

Cork Game - Each participant is given a champagne bottle to open. They must aim the bottle (popping the cork) at targets you provide and hit them with the cork. Each target is worth a specific prize.

Swing That Thing - ITEMS NEEDED: A pair of panty hose and two oranges for each player. Line up the contestants on the starting line with about 2 feet between each one. Tie one leg of the panty hose around the waist and slip one orange down the other leg so it's hanging between the feet 1 to 2 inches above the floor. Take the second orange and place it in front of each contestant. When you say "go", the object is for each contestant to swing their hips (no hands or feet)using the orange in the hose to move it across the playing area to a designated finish line. The first person across the finish line wins!

Ice Toes - Use two (or more) large platic containers (big enough to for someone to stand in). Place marbles in the containers along with an equal number of ice cubes. Players then remove their shoes and socks and race to try and get the marbles out of each pan using only their toes! No spilling ice or knocking over the container. The first to get all the marbles out of the pan wins.

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Entertainment and Pop Culture Calendar
April 11th
*NBC airs "Miss USA." *"Popularity Contest" hosted by Jonathan Torrens debuts.

April 12th *Music releases due include-Mariah Carey's "The Emancipation Of Mimi." *Books due include-Nicholas Sparks "True Believer" and James Patterson's "Maximum Ride." *Videos/DVDs due include-"Hotel Rwanda" starring Don Cheadle and "Suspect Zero" starring Aaron Eckhart. *Season one of "The Bob Newhart Show" is due on dvd.

April 13th *NBC debuts "Revelations" starring Bill Pullman. *FOX debuts "Stacked" starring Pamela Anderson.

April 14th *Season finale of MTV's "Power Girls." *Season finale of Comedy Central's "The Hollow Men."

April 15th *TLC debuts "Sheer Dallas" hosted by Larry Hagman. *Movie releases due include-"House Of D" starring David Duchovny & Tea Leoni.

April 16th *Food Network debuts "Good Deals" with Dave Lieberman.

April 17th *Season finale of FOX's "Arrested Development." *VH1 airs the Save The Music concert featuring Rob Thomas, Joss Stone and Alicia Keys.

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